Full service design procedure employs participatory stages of project Programming, Budgeting, Design Development, and Approvals followed by Construction Documents, Bidding/Negotiation, and Contract Administration. The five basic phases of the work are described as follows: 


Site analysis and spatial programming are developed in order to determine the initial scope of the project and establish construction cost estimate. Floor plans and exterior elevations are submitted, reviewed, and revised as required to develop the design to a level of general acceptance. Engineering services including structural, mechanical, and electrical are coordinated, and preliminary design documents are submitted to State and Local agencies. The Architect's Fee is proposed and locked during this phase providing there are no major changes in the scope of the project.


The approval procedure on State and/or Local levels begins with Design Development and ends with issuance of permits based on completed Construction Documents. Documents are transmitted or personally delivered to various agencies having jurisdiction over the review process. Adjustments are then made, and the Owner is advised of changes necessary to comply with all code agencies and their respective requirements.


Construction documents are prepared for review and approval by the Owner and for Contractor bidding. Documents generally include detailed site plan, detailed and fully dimensioned foundation and floor plans, exterior building elevations, building sections and details, interior elevations; door, window, and finish schedules; plumbing, mechanical, and electrical drawings, and general construction specifications.


A period of approximately one month is allowed at this stage to prepare the invitation and instructions for bidders, determine a reasonable period of construction, submit documents to State and Local agencies for review and approval, reproduce drawings and specifications, submit documents to bidders,answer questions during the bidding period; receive, review, and negotiate bids, prepare the Contract for Construction, and award the Project. 


This phase of the work includes the general observation of construction progress; determining that the Contractor is following the plans and specifications and attempting to complete the project within the allotted time period. Shop drawings and submittals are reviewed and assistance in the selection of materials is provided to the Owner. Monthly applications for payment and change orders are reviewed and forwarded to the Owner with action as recommended by the Architect. Once the project is substantially complete, the close-out documents are collected and forwarded to the Owner with a final application for payment.