o'cain DESIGN GROUP, PA offers comprehensive professional services individually suited to each project. The office is dedicated to the finest standards of architectural services for select clients seeking thoughtful design, blended to the natural environment, and efficiently arranged for enjoyable utilization. We consider personal strength, character, integrity, and perseverance as vital to our profession as our skills and qualifications.


Our clients participate in design with a professional staff operating on an esprit de corps basis. Project coordinators seek and receive design critique from their clients and colleagues at all phases as the project develops. Each client is assured personal service, unique to smaller design firms.

Approaching the design of a project, we carefully consider our client needs, site amenities, solar orientation, potential short and long-range views, and opportunities for natural lighting. Opportunities to minimize construction impact on a site is important to us. We try to situate buildings on sites to minimize extensive contour manipulation.

Although each client's objectives are unique, we strive to design buildings that are aesthetically pleasing with good proportions, efficient floor plans, and quality finishes within every budget. Good design is within everyone's reach.


Construction efficiency starts on the drawing board. Analyzing life-cycle costs help determine the value of initial capital investments in comparison to long-term maintenance costs. We design with appropriate construction materials to ensure the client is receiving the best value for their new facility.

We develop close relationships with builders so that we are aware of local construction materials, practices, and techniques. A good relationship helps ensure that all effort will be made to protect the quality, efficiency, and schedule of the project, while establishing a sense of pride that extends from the Owner to all project team members. Construction documents are easy to read with appropriate details so that bidding is accurate and the design intent can be executed.

Using local manufacturers, products, and resources help further integrate our projects to their location as well as conserve resources and costs as well as support our community.